Electric and Electronics

Electric and Electronics

From software and system products to hardware products such as semiconductors, electronic components, display systems, communication modules, sensors and control equipment which are used in a wide range of fields including automobiles, information communication devices, factory automation equipment, electrical substation equipment and home appliances, we globally handle cutting-edge electronic products that customers use in manufacturing. We provide integrated services in cooperation with our subsidiaries that have engineering and manufacturing functions.

Printed Circuit Board
Printed circuit board
Automotive Electronics Parts
Automotive electronics parts

Places where Okaya can be found.

Next-generation automobile

Next-generation Automobile

Electronic control units for automobiles are expected to further evolve and receive higher demand going forward. In electronic parts, in order to reduce the load of heat, anti-heat measures are essential. Okaya develops anti-heat measures that are suitable for every type of unit.

POS system

POS System

We handle CPUs used for POS (Point Of Sale) systems at retail stores. A POS system is essential for retailers to manage sales transactions of their goods and services. CPUs support the POS system which is progressing day by day.

Production support utilizing IoT

Production Support Utilizing IoT

From the sales of various industrial machinery and materials centering around factory automation equipment such as robots, machinery, and equipment, to the proposal of solutions for system construction including sensing, control, and data analysis, we contribute to our customers’ manufacturing processes.

Digital signage display

Digital Signage Display

The Okaya Group’s computer displays are used in digital signage displays around us, such as ones on the concourse of train stations and in commercial facilities.

Operation Optimization

Improve your manufacturing processes and level-up your kaizen practices with the use of OTRS software. Learn more about OTRS software.